Welcome to the small, rather rudimentary, webpage owned by Peter Brush, the performer and writer of comedy. Hopefully it has everything you need, or want to know about me. Thanks for dropping by, although I’m pretty sure 80% of the traffic on this site is just family members keeping tabs on what I’m up to, so you are probably just my aunt Julie or someone, in which case I’ll see you at Christmas (I promise I’ll actually visit you this year).

This is a very basic website. Very sorry about that. I suppose you’d probably think from looking at me that I would be very good at computers and all, because I’m fairly small and have glasses. Well I think your preconceptions have been well and truly smashed here haven’t they? Maybe in time it’ll look better, come back and check someday.

So, have a look around. View my hilarious tweets to the right hand side of your screen. Use the contact page to get in touch to offer me cold hard cash for my services. Browse the few small pictures I deemed suitable for public consumption. See where I’m performing. Check my biography page for my minor accolades (I had to write that page in 3rd person, felt a bit dirty).

I really hope you have a great time on here. Or at least more fun than I had designing it, what a pain that was, I mean, I still don’t know how to change the font. I don’t like this font at all, but I think I need to pay WordPress more to get a better one, so it’ll have to wait until I become slightly more successful. It reads, what more do you want? Maybe there is a way to change the font and I’m just an idiot (if you know how, gis a bell).

Thanks for your eternal support.